Fledglings Nursery & Pre-School | East Grinstead
The Fledglings Approach

The Fledglings Approach

Here at Fledglings we aim to give every child in our care the best possible start in life, to enable them to become confident and independent learners. We also aim to build strong parent partnerships with parents; who, are after all, their child’s first educators. We nurture every child, with tender love and care to make them feel loved, important, included and to enable them to build firm foundations for their lifelong learning journey.

A child’s self esteem and confidence can be built in a variety of ways. A hug can help build on children’s self confidence and self esteem in order for them to feel secure confident and loved. At Fledglings we ensure that all children feel valued and are able to express themselves freely and with confidence.

Fledglings Day Nursery & Pre-School aims to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for all children from birth to 5 years old. Whilst in our care children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of play and educational experiences.

We aim to provide parents with the knowledge that their children are receiving a very high standard towards their early years development, through our specially designed baby room and toddler room as well as continually extending provision for the Preschoolers. Every interaction with the children is based on a caring professional relationship, respecting and understanding the children’s social and emotional development, and therefore providing a positive environment for all children to achieve their full potential.

The Fledglings Approach

Every child leaving Fledglings will be…

Independent, Problem-Solving, Inquisitive, Self-Aware, Self-Confident, Critical Thinkers, Motivated, Creative Explorers and Imaginative.

Let’s Get Curious!

Not one to stay still, Fledglings underwent a new transformation…but why? As always, our top priority lays with the children in our care and what we believe to be in their best interest. In an ever-changing world and a technological age where children can complete tasks at the press of a button, children start to lose the “awe & wonder” in the World around them. Instead of examining a shiny CD and how to put it into a player, they can simply ask Alexa to play the next song.

Why The Fledglings Approach

We began with changing our environment to a much more natural setting. By providing a calmer environment, we create a calmer mind and therefore the ability to focus more. Over time all plastic toys have been removed and replaced with much more natural, curious resources. Plastic toys limit our imaginations. They have no depth. We want to challenge children’s thinking and make them question why. The curiosity approach aims to help children develop into strong-minded thinkers.

Our Environment

Fledglings is naturally a wood-based nursery and therefore we adopted a much more natural environment. Imagine telling a child to calm down by playing calm music. We are only connecting to one sense. Calm music will not work unless they feel calm, see calmer colours, hear calm music and even smell calm aromas. By connecting to all the senses children will become calmer and therefore more focused.

Going To School

We are aware that children will be going to school and they do need to climatize to a school environment. The extension room next to preschool has been adapted into a classroom where school-leaving pre-schoolers can participate in class-led activities that challenge them and prepare them for school. We also have a mini-library where children can check out books or find a quite reading space.