Fledglings Nursery & Pre-School | East Grinstead
Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Admissions Procedure

Fledglings Day Nursery and Pre-School in East Grinstead was opened in January 2014 and cares for children from 3 months to 5 years old.

Fledglings operates under a strict Equal Opportunities Policy and does not discriminate against any child on the grounds of sex, race, religion, colour, or creed. The Equality Act 2010 lays down a legal obligation for us to consider equally those designated disabled or disadvantaged, using as far as possible the same criteria as for all other children. We will in their case however carry out an additional review of their individual circumstances and requirements, and then assess our ability at Fledglings to meet their needs; please see our Local Offer for more information. This is necessary to fulfil our prime objective of providing a high standard of care that ensures the welfare of all children at the setting

The process begins by inviting the parent to visit the setting. The Nursery Manager or Deputy will show the parents and the child around the nursery, this is called a ‘Show-around’. A welcome pack is given to the parents including the fees schedule and Terms and Conditions.

Once a parent has visited the setting and would like to enrol their child they can complete a registration form and submit a registration fee of £40 to the Nursery. A letter will be sent confirming acceptance of the registration at which point settling dates will be arranged pending the child’s start date.

A refundable deposit of £100 is required no later than three months before the child’s start date, this will secure the child’s place at the Nursery and will be returned once the child leaves providing one full calendar month notice in writing has been given and there are not outstanding fees.<

All places are allocated on a first come first served basis pending availability. If we are unable to offer a child a place then they will be registered on the waiting list. Priority is given to new children with siblings already registered at the setting.

Group Structure

Children are grouped according to their age and individual developmental needs, which will be assessed by their key person upon entry into the Nursery. This is a continuous process as observations are carried out throughout the child’s stay at the setting.  An initial assessment is carried out during the first month of a child’s settling period within the setting; to gather information about the child’s progress and development within his/her new learning environment.

Key Person Approach

Every child will have their very own Key Person. The Key Person’s Role as a nursery practitioner is to be responsible for a small group of children. When the child is due to start at the setting, the proposed Key Person (this person can change depending on who the child bonds with at the time of settling in) meets with the child and their parent usually at the child’s first settle. They learn facts about the child, such as who is in their family, what they like to do, how they like to be held.

The Key Person will also support the parent and the child as they say goodbye. By sensitively handling this moment, which is naturally distressing for the securely attached child and parent the Key Person can help to make the parting a dignified and carefully thought out time, even if it is quite a brief affair. The practitioner is also present at the reunion between parent and child at the end of the session so that they can talk about the child’s day and provide a link between the setting and home.

The key person responsibilities include planning activities for their children using their child’s interests and next steps, doing observations on your child and are responsible for creating and updating the child’s Learning Journal. They will be your point of contact regarding your child.

Settling in Sessions

The key person will be chosen during the child’s first settling in date visit, as it is important to see who the child bonds with. The settling in dates will be agreed at the time of registration, between the Manager and Parent.

Every child is different, and some settle in quickly and some don’t. Our experienced staff can help with this by offering reassurance and start building a bond with your child. We have settling in sessions, prior to children starting at the nursery, where the parent and child will come and spend time with their key person in their room.

You will fill out an ‘All About Me’ form for your child. This includes their likes, dislikes, sleep-times (if applicable) and what they like doing at home. This information will form the basis of your child’s settling in, and your child’s key person will use this information to start planning activities for your child. We start off with 3 settling in dates, however each child is individual and these can be extended depending on how that child is settling. Parents must provide children’s own nappies, wipes, formula milk, a change of clothes and sun cream during the summer months.

When your child is ready to move to the next room, again the settling in procedure will be used, but this time instead of the parent attending the settling in, your child’s key person will move with the child to the next room to help them settle in. Parents will be able to meet the new room team and child’s key person.