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Nutrition & Menus

Nutrition & Menus

In line with our mission statement, Fledglings Day Nursery and Pre-School takes great pride in ensuring that our children have healthy food to eat. All children need to refuel, and they too learn which food is good for them, in order for them to make healthy choices.

All our meals are freshly prepared on the premises here at Fledglings Day Nursery and Pre-School. Our Nursery Chef along with the Nursery Manager and the Owner who is an expert in the running of healthy nursery kitchens have devised mouth-watering menus for the children that are prepared using the correct nutritional balances of protein, carbohydrate, vegetables and dairy produce.  We have 4 menus which we rotate weekly and are very varied, covering all cultures from around the world.   We aim to cater for a variety of different families with different cultural and religious backgrounds and of course children with food allergies and intolerances.  Please speak to the Nursery Manager as she will be very happy to help you.

If you are weaning your child at home, please speak to your child’s key person about what they are eating at home, and we will be happy to continue with what you are doing at home. We believe that children should have all the nutritional elements, in order for them to grow into confident and independent learners. Our Nursery Chef does weekly cooking activities with the children, to teach them how to cook and about the ingredients we use to cook meals and puddings. The children also eat produce from our vegetable and herb garden. This enables them to learn how to eat healthy and they get to take home their lovely creations! We would be happy to give you the recipes to try at home.

We provide Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon snack and Supper.  These are all included in the price; with some exceptions please see the Fee Schedule.  To plan our menus we used the Eating Well for the Under Five’s in Childcare and the Eat Better Do Better Guidelines. Children are encouraged to eat foods from four of the main food groups throughout the day: protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables and dairy produce.  All food is prepared on site and has no added salt and low sugar when preparing puddings.

For formula milk and breast milk storage we follow the Department of Health and FSA Guidelines of preparing and storing infant formula. Paula the Chef has recently received five stars for food hygiene from West Sussex Local Authority, for her lovely clean kitchen and for using the Safer Food, Better Business Guidelines.

Staff are encouraged to sit and eat with the children as role models and to assist children who might need help.  We have child friendly serving dishes and children help themselves to their lunch and supper this encourages independence; we also encourage them to pour their own drinks. Their mealtimes are like an extension from home, sitting down with their friends and enjoying their food together.  We have a snack bar which is like a buffet that the Pres –School children can access as and when they wish which consists of fruit and vegetables. The younger children are seated at a table and serve themselves from a plate.

Children explore food through many ways, they might go to the local shops and look at the different fruit and vegetables and even buy some. Children will be able to smell them, buy the food and then cook it with their group back at the nursery. Children are given the opportunity to explore different types of food from a variety of cultures and are encouraged to try new foods, to see if they like it or not.

Our menus are  free from salt and sugar, we have no frozen products  and fresh filtered drinking water is available to the children throughout the day

We are celebrating our newly created menus and their well balanced ingredients by making a book which will contain all the Fledglings mouth watering dishes. This book will have photos of the meals, ingredients and the nutritional content of each food group. The book has already began and we are at the finalising stages so please watch this space!!!