Fledglings Nursery & Pre-School | East Grinstead
Our Nursery Rooms

Our Nursery Rooms

Here at Fledglings we have 4 rooms catering for children from birth to 5 years.

Baby Room – The Den/Crystals

We are aged from birth to 15/16 months. In this room we are learning to explore, crawl, smile and stimulate our senses. We learn through our senses. We do painting, body painting, and finger painting, learn new sounds and noises. We like getting messy, as this is how we learn.  We have a book corner, it is a cosy area and we enjoy exploring and getting to know our Key Persons here at the nursery.

We participate in the same activities as the ‘big’ children. Our activities are scaled down for us, as sometimes we might not like the feel, taste, or touch of the activities that we do, as we have never done these activities at home before.  We repeat the activities time and time again, and we find that we enjoy them, the more times that we do them. We will sleep during the day as it can be tiring, depending on our routines from home. We do heuristic play (this is a method of teaching that encourages learners to discover solutions for themselves), where we learn about the materials and textures around us. We also like getting messy with lots of natural resources. Even though we are young babies, we love exploring through our senses. We sit in snugs for our mealtimes, this gives us independence to explore different foods. Sometimes we might go for a walk in our 6-seated wagon, or play outside in the garden as we have free flow. Our ratio is 1:3.

Older Baby Room – The Diamonds

Hello, we are the Diamonds! We are the older babies aged from 16/17 months to 2 years old. We have all found our feet and we need a larger space to explore. We are starting to test our words and sounds and we might copy expressions, babble a lot and even use single words. We are also starting to follow basic instructions as we start to notice what our friends are doing and playing with.

Our activities will start changing as we begin to use mark-making tools, roleplay resources and small world toys. Our imaginations are also starting to develop and we like to copy what we’ve seen at home, so we might play make-believe in the kitchen roleplay or pretend to look after babies. In our room we start eating at a lowered table. We have wooden chairs that have arms because we like our independence. We also have our water bottles out so we can freely access our water when we need. We will still be using the smaller garden, however we have lots of access to outdoor play through our new entrance. The garden will be set up with challenging physical activities that allow us to build upon our physical development and strength. Our ratio is 1:3.

Toddler Room – The Rainbows

In this room we are aged 2 years – 3 years.  We are too big for the baby room, as we are now walking. We need a bigger area to explore. We need to find out what we enjoy doing here at the nursery. We like getting messy, we can feed ourselves, sometimes we might need help, but our Key Persons are here to help us do that. We are beginning to say simple words, as we point to objects, when we want them. We go out in the garden, play with the bikes, play with dressing up clothes; we have lunch together and socialise with friends. We are also starting to learn about sharing and being gentle with our friends.

We sleep after lunch, and then we have more fun playing with our friends.  We are learning how to be more independent in our play, some of us are potty training, or still in nappies, and that is OK and our Key Person will help us with that. We enjoy circle-time, stories, music, and we are beginning to form opinions about what we like to do at nursery. We are becoming more independent and we like to do painting, messy play, explore different textures, go for walks and go explore in the garden.  We might know our colours and shapes, not all but some.  Our Ratio is 1:4.

Pre-School Room – The Indigos

In this room we are aged 3 – 5 years old and we are getting ready to go to school, we enjoy more focused activities such as reading, colours, shapes, numbers as well are developing our self-confidence and independence.  We sit down and read stories as well as tell stories back to our Key Person. We can concentrate on colours; can write our names, we can help the staff with duties like setting the table for lunch. We can pour our own drinks of water and milk.

We are very independent learners; sometimes we might need help putting our coats on, especially with the zips but we are always encouraged to have a go. We tell our Key Person what activities we want to do and we are able to pick our own resources. We are talking in full sentences, and we can express and say what we like and don’t like; in accordance with the ‘School Readiness’ aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage. During the summer term we do the following; prior to leaving nursery we talk about getting ready to go to ‘ big’ school and our new teachers come and visit us in the nursery. We might look at our school uniform, and talk to our teachers about what activities we do here in the nursery. We also talk to our friends about our new school, and activities that they do.  We might also go and visit our new schools with our parents, carers and Key Person. Our ratio is 1:8.